Crushed Concrete 6F2 / 6F1

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6F2 - A very good general purpose aggregate which ranges in size from 75mm down to dust. This is ideal as an initial layer of hardcore. Especially as a sub-base for access roads, buildings, patios and driveways as the course nature of 6F2 make a very good hard wearing surface when compacted.

6F1 - Again this is a very good general purpose aggregate and often used on top of the 6f2 as this is a fine material of 45mm down. Perfect to compact into any small areas and still create a hard wearing surface. This is often used as a substitute for primary type 1. (Primary type 1 is a product that is excavated from source, rather than recycled.)

Available in:

4 Wheeler Tipper

6 Wheeler Tipper

8 Wheeler Tipper

Tonne Bag



Typical uses:

  • Hard-standings
  • Building Sub-Bases
  • Driveway Construction
  • Haul roads
  • Footpath Bases
  • Drainage Layers