Screened Top Soil

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All our screened topsoil is tested for its PH Level & correct Acid/Alkaline Balance. As a result, all our screened topsoil is premium British Standard BS3882 topsoil.

This topsoil is put through a testing system and must pass to prove:

  • Fertility
  • Free from contamination
  • Soil structure and classification

Our screened topsoil is ideal for anything from flower beds to industrial size gardens, turfing, leveling and many other purposes. Our topsoils can be mixed with enhancers and delivered in a range of ways to suit your requirements.

Available in:

6 Wheeler Tipper

8 Wheeler Tipper

Tonne Bag



Typical uses:

  • Topsoil for leveling gardens
  • Turfing Topsoil
  • Landscaping Soil
  • Soil for flower beds
  • Private or Commercial Gardens